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Czech republic

The Czech Republic, capital Prague, is located in the Middle Europe, consists of three historical territories Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia and is divided into 14 regions. The area 78,864 km 2 and 10.3 million of inhabit- ants. Neighbouring with Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria. The establishment is a republic. The lowest point is the village Hřensko 116 m above the sea level, the highest point is the Mount Sněžka 1,602 m above the sea level. The country profile is typical different as to the altitude. The surface majority is covered by the highlands of the Bohemian Massive, in the borderland on the north of the Czech Republic there is the highest Mountain Range Krkonoše, the further are Ore Mountains (Krušní hory), Šumava, Jizera Mountains, The Upper Palatinate Forest, Eagle Mountains, Jeseníky, in the inland on the east the widest is the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, Beskydy and White Carpathian Mountains. The rest part create the l...



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